Leesport PA – Leesport Flea Market and Farmers Market


  • Wednesday Flea Market and Farmers Market
    The Wednesday Flea Markets are held every Wednesday along with the Farmers Market. Discover collectibles, antiques, and new and used novelties in our spacious indoor/outdoor flea market. Browse from 7AM every Wednesday.
    See Webpage for vendor information: http://www.leesportmarket.com/Wed_Flea_Market.htm
  • Sunday Flea Market
    The Sunday Flea Markets are held the first and third Sundays of each month from April through the first Sunday of December. Dealers and collectors from far and wide descend upon the market for a “delightful day of dickering.” Join us 7AM until 2PM.
    See webpage for vendor information: http://www.leesportmarket.com/Sun_Flea_Market.htm
    Flea Markets and Toy Shows:
  • Sunday – April 21, 2013 7AM to 1PM
  • Sunday – June 16, 2013 7AM to 1PM
  • Sunday – September 1, 2013
  • Sunday – November 3, 2013
  • Sunday – December 8, 2013

WHERE: Leesport Flea Market and Farmer’s Market,
112 Gernants Church Road (Route 61), Leesport PA 19533
(Berks County Pennsylvania.)

WEBSITE: http://www.leesportmarket.com/

There are other events happening at Leesport such as Craft Shows, Auctions, Flea Markets and Toy Shows, and more.


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