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Map of Pennsylvania with Blair County highlighted.This is our Index Page for Blair County Pennsylvania Events WITH VENDORS such as arts and craft shows, craft fairs, vendor events, fairs, festivals, farm shows, county fairs, trade shows, expos, bridal shows, flea markets, farmers markets, antique shows, collector events, and other events with arts and crafts vendors, direct sales vendors, food vendors, etc.

Events in Blair County PA are listed twice on this page – once BY LOCATION (in alphabetical order by the town or city where the events take place) – then again BY DATE (in date order.) Daily, weekly, monthly, recurring and frequent events (such as farmers markets, flea markets, etc.) are listed lower on this page under ON-GOING EVENTS.

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Map of Pennsylvania with Blair County highlighted.Blair County PA Events BY LOCATION
Events with Vendors
Listed i
n alphabetical order by town or city:

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Map of Pennsylvania with Blair County highlighted.Blair County PA Events BY DATE
Events with Vendors
Listed in date order – January thru December

The events listed below are the same events as above, only listed in date order.
Recurring events (daily, weekly, on-going, etc.) are listed lower on this page – click here. (This is done to better manage the Events by Date portion of our page so daily and weekly events are not listed over and over again.)
TBD = To be determined;  * = email sent for 2015 information;  ** = events that span more than a week.

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Map of Pennsylvania with Blair County highlighted.On-Going Events in Blair County PA
Events with Vendors
Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Frequent, Recurring Events:

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Question Mark for Did You Know items on Pa-Vendors.comDid You Know?
Hollidaysburg PA in Blair County PA is the home of the Slinky Toy.
For information see:

Map of Pennsylvania with Blair County highlighted.Blair County is located in Central Pennsylvania.
The Blair County Seat is Hollidaysburg Pennsylvania.
Counties that border Blair County PA (links go to the Events Indexes):
Bedford (S), Cambria (W), Centre (N), Clearfield (NW), Huntingdon (E)

See our directories for Blair County PA Arts, Crafts and Gifts
and Blair County PA Antiques and Collectibles.

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