Lancaster County PA – December – 12 Shops of Christmas Tour

December CalendarWHEN: 9 Days! Friday through the following Saturday December 6 thru 14, 2013
Tickets go on sale in October (This event also takes place in April.)

Map of Pennsylvania with Lancaster County highlighted.WHERE: Various off-the-beaten-track locations in Lancaster County.
(Can’t really tell you, otherwise it wouldn’t be a secret now, would it?)
See Website (link below) for more information.

DESCRIPTION: Lancaster County’s Best Kept Secrets Tour event – an ever-changing group of off-the-beaten track businesses have created a shopping / food and fun adventure just for you!

Travel place to place, enjoying all the special things (refreshments, drawings, gifts, workshops, tastings) the businesses have planned for you. Go where you want, when you want – your ticket is valid for the entire 9 days.

Plus, you’ll receive lots of coupons and free goodies from every business. These spots are hand-picked for their uniqueness. You’ll be delighted by what you’ll find tucked in the countryside!

See Website for ticket information and more details.

EVENTS CONTACT: Melissa Nordhoff at 717-721-9409
for more information or to reserve your ticket or email your mailing address to

WEBSITE: - then   go to Christmas Tour



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